Founded in Charleston, South Carolina, Huss Inc. started as a small general contracting firm with a non-traditional business philosophy. We walk our clients through each phase of the process in an effort to add value and innovation to the project. We explore every avenue in which to save our clients both time and money. We keep our clients heavily involved in all aspects of the project, thereby creating the hightest quality and best value possible.

As native Charlestonians, we are dedicated not only to the preservation of Charleston and its historic sites, but to the preservation of all historical properties. We are members of the Preservation Society of Charleston, and Cabarrus County. We have completed many historical projects since we started our company in 1989. It's not just about acquiring the project and making a profit. It's about honoring the Architects and builders of the past, not only by restoring the historic value of the property, but also by restoring what we consider to be true craftsmanship. It is about participating in, and being part of something which will remain well into the future.

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